MISD Computer Science Ed Week Challenges

As a STEAM+ district, McAllen ISD is encouraging all students to participate in this year's

Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code

December 3rd - 9th, 2018.


Click on the following links to explore a world of FUN!

  1. Create a meme about technology using MEME MAKER.
  2. Create a video montage using KAPWING MONTAGE.
  3. Draw something unique with PENCIL CODE.
  4. Create a song with PENCIL CODE.
  5. Create a story using SCRATCH JR.
    1. Use the SCRATCH JR STORYBOARD to start off!
  6. Create a video animated story using the EXPLAIN EVERYTHING app.
  7. Create a video book or movie review.
  8. Museum Kiosk using Google slides.
  9. Create a tutorial video.
  10. Create a virtual pet: Get started with the BBC micro:bit. Use friendly blocks to make a virtual pet that you can feed and play with!
  11. Change the World.


Students are encouraged to choose one challenge and submit their submission on this FORM.


NOTE: If prompted, students need to use their McAllen ISD email. The format is

LASTNAME Initial FIRST NAME Initial IDnumber@students.mcallenisd.net

EXAMPLE: Jon Smith ID# 123456 would be SJ123456@students.mcallenisd.net