Dual Language

Goals of Dual Language Education
  • Goal #1: High linguistic proficiency in two languages
  • Goal #2: High academic proficiency (content area) in two languages
  • Goal #3: Positive cross-cultural attitudes; biculturalism
  • Dual Language Models are Additive (biliteracy) that focuses on Challenging Interactive and Authentic (CIA) instruction (no remediation)
  • Child's L1 is the target literacy (reading) language while acquiring and academically developing the L2
  • Child will receive formal reading instruction in the L1 only
  • Child will learn to read in the L1 first
Principles of Dual Language Education
  • No less than 50% of instruction (PK-5th grade) in minority language
  • Program must be implemented throughout elementary grades (PK-5)
  • Strongly Consider Expansion into Middle School and High School
  • Extensive exposure and use of the two languages through challenging, interactive settings... students learn together in bilingual pairs/groups
  • Clear separation of languages for instruction (no translation)
  • Instruction should challenge and empower students (high expectations-enrichment/gifted educational environments)
  • Learn and develop languages through academic subjects
  • Integration of vocabulary across the curriculum
  • Classrooms balanced based on languages & academic skills (L1 & L2)
  • Total school climate should reflect a bilingual/biliterate atmosphere
  • Administrative understanding & support (campus/district)